…To Grandmother’s House We Go

This summer I have the honor of staying at my wonderfully Americana grandparents’ house (constructed 1856); a house brimming with history, character, and photogeneity. The house is also devoid of that annoying antique-store kitsch aesthetic, which I find pretty incredible and difficult to pull off. So naturally, I’m obsessed with documenting the experience. I took these photos with my new camera, a Vivitar EF35, which Lulu thieved from a pack rat cobbler’s store in Chicago.

So here is the first round — I’ll definitely be be taking hundreds more though over course for the next few months at the house and around Bainbridge Island/Seattle, the best of which will be posted.








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One response to “…To Grandmother’s House We Go

  1. yessssssir! awesome man, have fun and def throw those pics on.
    check my latest post on that matt lessner video… its pretty killer budz.
    met a girl out here from bainbridge who knew said “lulu”

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