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The Great Debate: Tart Arnels vs. Moscot Lemtoshes

In honor of my recent eBay purchase, I have to write a few words on the debate (though, there isn’t really a debate) between Tart Arnels and Moscot Lemtoshes – the oft confused styles.

First, here is a view of each:

Tart Arnel.


Moscot Lemtosh.


At a glance, they appear almost identical. But there are a few key differences that need to be pointed out. Moscot frames have mock trims on the front and sides that are simply glued on, and serve no actual purpose. Tart Arnels use rivets that appear on the front and sides that secure the hinge plates. Modern heat sunken hinges, like those employed by Moscot, have been around since mid sixties and are now used on almost all mass produced frames. However, there are still a few frame makers who carry on using rivet hinges and original trims, such as Opera Opera. Still, nothing compares to an original pair of vintage Tart Arnels. The Amber frames (below) go for about 500 bills on eBay.

Verdict: Tart Arnel.




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The Germinal Wardrobe, Episode I

Sometimes things just come together, but there is always a sartorial derivative when it comes to putting together an outfit. The aim of this feature is to document such events. Vain? Absolutely.

Lately, I’ve been kind of obsessed with John Dillinger and the wild outlaws of the early thirties (despite the deep disappointment I felt after watching the insultingly bad Public Enemies). Naturally, a major way in which my interests manifest is through clothing. So behold, Episode 1 of The Germinal Wardrobe.

*Note: The amazing blog Nerd Boyfriend takes this concept and really runs with it. Check it out.

Picture 11_2


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Dead Man

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On the Set: Depp in The Rum Diary.

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