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Mingus: Stickin’ It To The Man

With Lion's Head Scroll on French Bass

With lion's head scroll french bass

This is some great footage from Thomas Reichman’s 1961 documentary Mingus: Charlie Mingus 1968. Watch as the NYC Department of Sanitation trucks away his possessions, including one of his upright basses, and as the NYPD subsequently arrests him for possession of hypodermic needles. It’s a sad state of affairs, but worth watching, especially given the current debate raging over law enforcement and racial profiling. FTP.

A few choice quotes from Charlie:

“Blood is not my bag. Broads is my bag.”

“I think America is beautiful.”

“I hope the Communists blow you people up.”


Bonus footage: Punk Rock Mingus.


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The Lincoln Funeral Procession – Union Square, 1865


A truly serendipitous moment is captured in the photo above, which portrays Lincoln’s funeral procession as it passed the (Cornelius) Roosevelt Mansion at the SW corner 14th Street and Broadway. Cornelius Roosevelt (January 30, 1794July 17, 1871) was a New York businessman, and the grandfather of Teddy Roosevelt, who owned and lived in the building pictured to the left of the center in the photo.

As it turns out, this photo displays a 6-year-old Teddy and his brother Elliott (the father of Eleanor Roosevelt), peering out the second story window of the Roosevelt Mansion onto the procession. See ’em? If not, click here for a more illustrative photo. It’s just incredible that this moment in American history was actually caught on film, and I love when distinct eras of history collide unknowingly – this is a perfect example, kind of like a real life Jetsons Meet The Flintstones.


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